Stand up to bad behavior in EMS.

Yes, you are your brother and sister’s keeper.



A year after Paramedic/ Firefighter Mittendorf’s tragic death at her own hand, the toxic culture of public safety continues to be an issue. On multiple social media forums open and closed, the commentary continues to be disgusting, unprofessional, immature and even suggestive of violence towards those women who dare to enter the predominantly male field of public safety.

While this continues to showcase a massive failure of leadership at its most basic function, the fact remains that this behavior is not born in or perpetrated in a vacuum.

It is time for every single decent human being in law enforcement, the fire service, and emergency medical services to take personal responsibility and


No excuses, no BS, no stupid jokes or crap about defending  “tradition” or the “brotherhood” (sic).

It’s 2017 folks.

We own this. I don’t care if you sucked it up and dealt with it as a newbie.

It’s a load of crap. I don’t care if you think hazing and humiliating people builds character or fellowship. Frankly, if you actually believe that to be the case you have no business in any profession that involves interaction with humans.

Go find a widget factory to haunt.

There is zero evidence supporting that idiocy, and basic humanity and common sense should tell you that.

There is no honor in bullying your colleagues.

People die because of this shit.moral compass questions

If you have a partner, agency manager, or company leader with an underdeveloped moral compass that fails to address this garbage, or you are afraid to speak up for fear of retribution, don’t keep your head in the sand. There is an army of people who will back you up. Reach out.

We can put you in touch with someone nearby.

If you are suffering at the hands of these cretins, reach out. Nobody in this family should fight alone.quote-i-am-my-brother-s-keeper-and-he-s-sleeping-pretty-rough-these-days-archbishop-derek-worlock-355510

You can reach me at, or Kelly Grayson at if you need help.

We have your back.

If you want to add your name to the fight put your contact info in the comments.

Change begins with you.EMS_week_blog






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    1. A very appropriate comments and worth reading


  1. Kathy Quattrocchi May 15, 2017 — 3:50 pm

    Add me to the fight

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  2. Sandy Petro Higgs May 15, 2017 — 11:13 pm

    Sandy Petro Higgs

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